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Assembly Jigs & Checking Fixtures 


Thai Rung Tools and Dies Co. Ltd. ('TRT') is TRU's Bangkok-based dedicated subsidiary for the manufacture of dies and jigs and checking fixtures for the OEM Market. 

Throughout TRT's thirty years of growth and development, we have acquired advanced jig and fixture production technology and management techniques, as well as building on practical experience, and have developed and perfected quality control procedures to meet customers' world-class product quality requirements. We have advanced in-house capability in the design and manufacture of jigs and fixtures. Our CNC wire cutting machines, digitizer and CAD/CAM facilities - Catia, Surfcam, Cliks, PDD and Unigraphics NX4 - are all fully utilized in order to ensure data accuracy, product precision and timely delivery. 


• Main assembly jigs for complete vehicles
• Sub-assembly jigs and checking fixtures for door, roof, chassis, hood , wheelhouse, etc. 
• Manual, pneumatic semi-automatic, fully automatic


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