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Thai Auto Pressparts Co. Ltd. ('TAP'), located in Rayong Province, is a subsidiary of Thai Rung Union Car Plc and the group's main production base for pressed metal parts and for plastic parts for the OEM automotive market.

Manufacturing Process
TAP uses the extrusion blow molding ('EBM') process to produce plastic parts such as spoilers. The plastic is supplied in pallets and has to be melted and extruded into a hollow tube called a parison, which is then placed in a cooled metal mold consisting of two shell-like halves. The shells close onto the parison, and air is blown into it, inflating it against the inside of the mold into the shape of the part. After the plastic has cooled sufficiently, the mold is opened and the part taken out. The part can either be left to cool down of its own accord, or transferred into a post-cooling device to achieve shorter cycle times.

Quality checks of every product are carried out at each step of the manufacturing process. Innovative processes enable us to make substantial gains in productivity and competitiveness while adhering to the most stringent quality standards for the benefit of our customers. 

           With customers increasingly focusing on post-delivery product performance, TAP has developed feedback and continuous improvement systems to interact with our customers' organizations. This information is fed back into the product development process and shared as appropriate with suppliers and customers.

Vacuum-formed plastic parts
Thai Rung Union Car Plc ('TRU') has expanded its production lines to respond to both in-house demand and the automotive accessory sector and the aftermarket, by setting up an automotive plastic parts production line using the vacuum forming process.

We currently design and manufacture the following vacuum-formed plastic automotive accessory parts.

Toyota Fortuner Grille cover, side-runner cover, front skirt, rear skirt, side protector, back door cover, rear spoiler, front skirt lamp
Toyota Yaris Front skirt, rear skirt, side skirt, rear spoiler Honda City Front skirt, rear skirt, side skirt, rear spoiler
Toyota Hilux Vigo Grille cover, side-runner cover, front skirt, rear skirt, side protector, rear spoiler, front skirt lamp

Blow Mold Machine Tooling (Mold) Maximum Size : L x W = 1800 x 900 mm.
Maximum Work piece : L x W = 1580 x 198 mm.


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